Thailand is our courty. It’s a very big one. It’s situated on the Indo-Chinese peninsula in south east Asia.MyanMar at the north, Laos and Cambodia lie to the northeast and Malaysia at the south of Thailand.

              Thailand is an independent country. It has population about sixty million, Buddhism is its chife religion. Bangkok is its capital. King Phumipol Adulyadej is the present king of Thailand.

            The system of gorvernment in the present is the Democary, Prime Minister is the leader of the government.

             Thailand,formerly, is backwards, but now it’s progressive, prosperous, fertile and popular as well as famous because it has a plenty of imports and exports, such as rice, timber and leather; of which foreingn country througn out the world are in need.

            So we all must love and defend for the independence of Thailand, because it’s our beloved coutry!

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