Chinese song in my mind!

         Not a long time my friend’s Pupe, she falling in love with “Wong Lee Hom who is Chinese singer. Normally to be you and your friends even if you interest something you need said or send it to your friend Yesh! seem us. All right! that is reason she just send Chinese Taipei MV for me. Whate’er in the first time she doesn’t send Wong Lee Hom his song but she send Jay Chou’s  misic video who dose has a famous singer in Taipei.

        As the same time I watched Jay Chou’s MV as I saw fist time in the full option his song. Pupe, she send two his song for me that are Far away and Hair like snow. But the name Hair like snow song of Jay Chou makes me amazing!  Because of  my state we know even if anyone said your hair like is silk that mean you have a beautiful hair but Jay Chous song (hair like snow) didn’t took me understood on it. (I think snow same white and I forget snow are softness above something ) Whate’er it’s makes me need to know the real meaning of this song very much.


          Anyway, later than observe MV ending I just didn’t found yet…(The theme video switches Jay Chou singing and actual story living to the ending). Therewith I dont understand Chinese languagestupid me!..  Ah…Do you want to know the story in MV ? Give me to tell you about topic storry?

            Hair like snow or Fa ru xue MV begins somewhere in medieval China, portraying a respected warrior, and his lover, a beautiful maiden in red. The two lovers are shown embracing on a couch, with a maidservant pouring drinks in the background. As the video progresses, the warrior hears music being played by some other woman on the lower level of the building. He casts away the lady in red as he goes to seek the maiden playing music, who is contrastingly dressed in white.

          Then the warrior and the white lady are seen embracing, enjoying each other’s company. A flashback occurs where  are shown that the lady in red, presumably jealous, poisons the white lady’s tea. The white lady drinks the tea and dies in the warrior’s arms.

         The warrior immediately suspects the red lady and makes an attempt to kill her with his sword, but he relents and she embraces him with tears in her eyes. During this portion, the video switches between shots of Jay singing, and shots of the actual story.
          The MV then progresses ahead to modern day Taiwan. It shows the same warrior, but as a modern day business man, seemingly melancholy, although in the company of a girlfriend (the same girl as the red lady). He then enters an elevator on his way to work, and soon after, another business woman (the white lady) from the past enters as well. The man is struck by a sense of familiarity, as is the girl, although they do not speak.

          When they exit the building, the man finds the courage to go up and talk to her, but right when he is about to, his current girlfriend arrives, keeping him from speaking with the girl, who then gets into her boyfriend’s car. Both exchange one last glance, and the video ends.

        Now do you thinking about it same me too or don’t think? Oh…Don’t worry!…come here! enjoy with me . I want to show you in something…. Actually there are Hair like snow or Fa ru xue lyric in Chinese/pin-yin/Thai/English…

如雪 / Fa ru xue

เส้นผมละเอียดนุ่มดุจเกล็ดหิมะ/Hair Like Snow 

牙月 伊人憔悴
lang ya yue yi ren qiao cui 

พระจันทร์เสี้ยว ความบอบบางของเธอคนนั้น

A crescent moon my loved one is waned and sallow

我举杯 饮尽了风雪
wo ju bei yin jin le feng xue
ยกแก้วขึ้น ค่อยๆดื่มด่ำความเหน็บหนาว

I rise a cup and drunk is the frost

是谁打翻前世柜 惹尘埃是非
shi shui da fan qian shi gui re chen ai shi fei
ใครนะที่เข้ามาเปิดประตูแห่งอดีต ปลดปล่อยให้ฝุ่นละอองพวกนั้นฟุ้งกระจายขึ้น

Who overturned the box of incarnations? Evoking arguments

缘字诀 几番轮回
yuan zi jue ji fan lun hui
A predestined formula of fate under countiess reincarnations

你锁眉 哭红颜唤不回

ni suo mei ku hong yan huan bu hui
แต่ใบหน้าเศร้าโศกแดงก่ำเพราะร่ำไห้ของเธอนั้น จะไม่มีวันหวนคืนมาอีก
you frowned, crying for love lost


zong ran qing shi yi jing cheng hui
Even if the annals of history had already become dust


wo ai bu mie


My love will not disappear

繁华如三千东流水 我只取一瓢爱了解

fan hua ru san qian dong liu shui wo zhi qu yi piao ai liao jie
มหานทีแห่งบูรพาทิศไหลรินมายาวนานกว่าสามพันปี หากความรักที่ฉันสามารถเข้าใจกลับมีค่าเพียงน้ำหนึ่งกระบวยเท่านั้น
Grandeur is like three thousand waters flowing south
Yet I only choose a ladle of love to comprehend


zhi lian ni hua shen de die
เพียงเพราะรักเธอ ร่างกายก็คล้ายจะติดปีกโบยบินไปดุจผีเสื้อ
Only love for you butterfly incarnation

你发如雪 凄美了离别
ni fa ru xue qi mei le li bie
เส้นผมละเอียดนุ่มของเธอ ความรวดร้าวและความงดงามที่ต้องร่ำลาจากกัน
Your hair is like snow, making our parting chillingly beautiful

wo fen xiang gan dong le shei
กลิ่นธูปที่ลามไหม้ ใครเล่าจะกำซาบ


s moved by my (offering of ) in cense

yao ming yue rang hui yi jiao jie

Inviting the full moon to highlight my memories

ai zai yue guang xia wan mei

Love becomes pure beneath the moonlight

你发如雪 纷飞了眼泪
ni fa ru xue fen fei le yan lei
เส้นผมละเอียดนุ่มของเธอ หยาดน้ำตาร่วงริน

Your hair is like snow, you tears are flying



wo deng dai cang lao le shei

Who had waned while I waited?

红尘醉 微醺的岁月
hong chen zui wei xun de sui yue
โลกที่เมามาย ในห้วงเวลาแห่งความมึนเมา

In the era of mental intoxication

我用无悔 刻永世爱你的碑
wo yong wu hui ke yong shi ai ni de bei
ไม่เคยเสียใจเลยสักนิด ที่ได้จารจารึกไว้บนโลกใบนี้ว่ารักเธอ


ll use my devotion to carve a tablet of love for you

啦儿啦 .
la er la

铜镜映无邪 扎马尾

tong jing ying wu xie zha ma wei

The bronzed mirror reflects a picture of innocence and pigtails

你若撒野 今生我把酒奉陪
ni ruo sa ye jin sheng wo ba jiu feng pei
เพราะความแง่งอนของเธอ ชั่วชีวิตนี้จึงต้องใช้เหล้าเป็นเพื่อนคู่ใจ

Since you (coyly) requested

Ill keep your company and drink with you in this life.

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wmv. by Pupe..

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