Once Moment…


Today one month ago since we talked to changed our relationship to just a friend.

Today I think I not told something to you yet. But I can’t tell to you directly cause I think it’s not important with us lately.

Beause we discuss about many thing more and more over to changed our way.

I didn’t want you think I hope to hold back your mind.

Although I thinking of you for a many times. 

I need to say thanks that you came in to my world and made many things for me feel good.

You changed me to lovely girl cause I had star in my eye when I saw you in my sight. Sometime I think I was a lucky girl because of you stayed around me when I had a trouble in my mind. your smile, your called, your sms, your email, your song, your gift, your flower,your pics,  your sound, etc. that you sent for show your thinking & take care.

I always remember that you said…

"You’re the first that I made it"

"You have got the first mamy times from me"

"This I made it for you only"

"when I stayed with you I have many wonder stories"

 "How long is time you’ll petty on of me"

"I’ll swop everything for make you feel better"

"At here I’ll not put anyone in place of you"

…You know I have a wanderful world again because of you… 

I always remember that you bought new number cell phone for contact me only.

I always remember you walked along with me from pier took me to my home.

I always remember where you have been driving past to travel with me.

I always remember that you did waited me for finished my work.

I always remember that we had fisrt date for had a dinner.

I always remember that you said "you’re the fist with I bought flower for a girl"

I always remember that you bought twin cell phone’s excessories for we used all the same.

I alway remember that your remembrance actions when I travel foreign country.

I always remember that morning come in usualy you send sms to me at 5:30 a.m. and called me at 6:45 a.m.

I always remember you help hold my bag when we go to work altogether.

I always remember that we have weekend you must called me before bedtime.

I always remember when we step up stair you step back of me and step in front of me when down stair for protect me out of anybody.

I always remember that you used your jacket cover my body when I was slept.

I always remember your take care when I was sick.

I always listened a song that you send for me, I remember your said

"When I listened this song I saw we in this song" "this song for you only na kub".

I always remember many our conversations when I thinking about it that make me smile again.

I’ll always keep your sms and your email.

I need to say many mamy thanks again and again ka.



I so sorry when you protected me out of any gossip but I can’t understand you, 

in that time I was angry I think you not beside me when I need you.

 After that time I just think I must be thank you cause you made it for me but I not say yet.

Thank a lot na ka .

You made me understand nature, made me to need leaning once person for realize.

I known we had many something for a while, we fighting, we had positive thinking about other way to support our mind.

At frist I think a trouble and many problem happened for took we understood and took hand in hand each other along the way.

But today we did not hand in hand accompany in this way, my way without you.


I know you can’t forgot your old lover cause not have anyone better more than she, I known and remember it. 

But I’m not request you to lost her stories. I’m headstrong girl who are want to stayed with you, I select this way by my self.

Because of I no need better more than the one in your heart or any person who is around you.

However I only need to absolutely girl who can walk a long the way with you together.
I hope I can take your feeling to know I become comfortable around you no better in a once day.
By the way I could not talk with you because I need you to think about it by yourself.
 Whatever, today I know you can’t think like what I want, cause I can’t make you to changed your mind.
I was wrong that think when you hate me, when you mistake me, when you make decrease relation with me.
I always try to used my honest,my care and unterstandable for hold back your feeling with me.
When I said "we’ll try the best for us, I mean same like that really.
 Thus after time that I said it, everything it I make I make it for you only and I tried to made you feel good with my heart.
 But I’m not told you cause I think actions speak louder than words and I hope you will seen it by yourself once day.  
So that make you to have better feeling with me more and more for we can stay the same together.
It’s finally you could not saw everyting it I made and no more feeling with me, thus I ought to change my feeling too.
I can’t waitting for someone who can’t love me together, I can’t cry for someone who said I’m not what someone want together. 
Even though without you unhappy but I could not lived in unhappy world together.
I know even if someone can’t forget the one in his heart that take him can’t look deep down in another’s heart. 
Thus you can’t touch deep in my heart really.
 So I’m not saw you was a pass of me thus I’m not was a pass of you because I have one way from my heart to your heart only.
Pleased understand me hence I’ll make something for have spirit by my self.
I know we’re also sad when selected this way but we can’t changed anything to other way cause you won’t need me together. 
we should say good luck for each other alright?
whatever I need you happy in your way,anyway I think you must find happy world even if your heart just openess na ka. 

 "Goodbye once moment in the past of my life"  
ไม่ได้ต้องการจะแทนที่ใคร เพราะรู้ว่าแทนกันไม่ได้  ไม่ได้ต้องการจะ "ดีพอ" แต่แค่อยากจะ "พอดี"
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