HaPpy HaPpY MaMY…

Sometime you need love … but it very hard to found
You wish you were in a relationship
You wish the person you like would like you too
But sometime your life is not like that
Thus you feel sad…you think nobody does not beside you
…Actually you mistake it, love is all around you…
As well as me
Everytime when I feel lonely….suddenly my phone ringing
…..Once preson who does not forgot me…..
Who was calling always?
When I so tried cause hard work but when I got home
Many snack, fruits, some of food show front of my bedroom
Who was takecare always?
Now I known I didn’t lonely together because of you
I promissed I ‘ll tried to make everything for your happiness
When I think of you I don’t feel alone
I don’t feel so alone…I don’t feel so alone
Thank you everything that take me was born in this world
When I feel good in this world that I’ll take time to thanks you
Who was made me was born in this world?
Who was I don’t want to see her tear?
I swear my self to love you more than everyone.
Even if you not was born in this world, I not were be here
Without you without me
Happy Birthday Na Ka Mamy
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3 Responses to HaPpy HaPpY MaMY…

  1. Charmin says:

    Happy Birthday to u. Happy Birthday to u. Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to u Na kub Puie\’s Mamy(o^)

  2. ann says:

    บอก ม่าม๊า ให้ยังเนี่ยที่บอกว่าสุขสันต์วันเกิดน่ะไม่งั้นเดี๋ยววันนี้ไปบอกเองก็ได้

  3. Tawantorsaeng says:

    Thank a lot for a both wishes to my mom na ka….I\’ll tell her later ka.I\’ll tell her about "one person sing a song for her in her daughter blog "….and "one person told me to follow her msg to Mama before comment in your daughter again" ka. Ps. P\’Ann ka, yesterday I remember you forgot told Mama na ka, How you have dinner at my home so yummy mai ka? Mama told you must come again na…Ei ei

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