STOP!…Stop KiLLing cause WE ARE ALL THAI!!!

We can never let the the chaos and justice make us so blind with anger
that we become part of the problem.
Understanding compession, kindness and love are only true revolutionnary ideals.
When we compromise those we become what we despise and we lase our humannity.

I think if you believe in defferent political decision, its does not wrong,
but in not true even if anyone used politice make believe your mind to think
what everything you do for believer, you must see also is true!
Why is not true?…Do you think make dead for someone is true?
I think nobody without rights make people die.
Destroy or Killing do not right way to take finishing problem in this time.
I think no matter what happened in this time however we are all Thai people
Not has a reason to make revolution or destroy in your Mother’s land.
Thus let’s make peaceful map in Thailand that is the better way more than destroy.
Killing does not the best way at all.


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